Are Mini Bongs Good?

Do you need a mammoth-sized water pipe to enjoy smoking weed? Absolutely not! Bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own unique set of features. All bongs are manufactured for one common purpose. To provide a smooth and creamy texture to the vapors that come from burning hemp.

Water pipes have a variation in features. This is to allow a smoker to choose one according to their needs. If you’ve never smoked through a bong before, then it’s recommended to try a mini bong. 

Regular vape and joint smokers may think of it as a difficult way of getting high, though it provides the benefit of smoother puffs with reduced irritation. So, is using a mini bong worth it? This article gives extensive information on mini bongs.

What Is A Mini Bong?

A small bong is a water pipe of size 6 inches or lesser. Though they’re lesser in size, mini bongs provide quality smoking experiences similar to regular-sized bongs. These bongs come in 2 different styles:

Traditional Small Bongs

Traditional mini bongs function similarly to regular-sized bongs. They exist in the form of straight tube bongs or round-base bongs. When you ignite the dried weed, smoke passes through the downstem and diffuses through the water. 

The vapors of burning marijuana bubble through the water and get collected in the bong’s chamber. Once you remove the bowl and inhale, the vapors rise from the neck of your bong and enter your mouth and lungs. 

You can also use accessories for a traditional mini bong. These include ash catchers and splash guards, which prevent ash and dirty bong water from being inhaled into your mouth and lungs.

Carburetor Small Bongs

Carb or carburetor bongs look like a hybrid version of a bong and a pipe. A useful feature of carb bongs is that their slide and bowl parts are securely placed by a silicone-rubber seal. Thus, you don’t need to remove any parts while traveling with a carb bong. A carb bong also consists of a hole usually located on its left or backside.

Although carb has a different structure, it works just like a traditional bong. To use it, cover the hole on the bong’s side to channel the airflow and fill its chamber with smoke. When you’re going to inhale, release your finger and inhale the marijuana vapors. This type of bong offers lesser customization but still provides quality hits.

Silicone, Glass, Or Ceramic Mini Bong?

In the market, you’ll find a mini bong usually made up of silicone, glass, or ceramic material. Silicone mini bongs are economical and highly resilient. They won’t break by dropping on the floor and can be handled easily, which makes them beneficial for travelers. 

Glass bongs are a little more difficult to handle and are brittle. However, they provide the smoothest and cool hits because of the accessories you can add to them. If you want a mini bong that provides tasty vapors with every puff, then you can choose a glass bong. Many glass bongs also come in a heat-resistant and sturdy material called borosilicate glass, reducing their fragileness.

Ceramic bongs provide even cooler hits as the material isn’t a good conductor of heat. They come in 2nd place after glass bongs for delivering good flavor hits.

Benefits Of Small Bongs

Are Mini Bongs Good

  • Easy To Use, Clean, And Portable

The small size of mini bongs makes them convenient for smoking weed wherever you want to. You can simply carry them in backpacks or travel bags because they’re lightweight and portable. 

You can easily store mini bongs, especially carburetor ones as they don’t have detachable parts. This removes the worry of getting bong parts broken or lost.

Small bongs don’t produce as much residue as large-sized bongs. Thus, they’re easier to wash and clean too. 

  • Very Affordable

Mini versions of regular bongs come at very affordable prices. They’re useful for hemp smokers who are trying a bong for the first time or even those who want to keep a mini bong as a backup. Mini bongs contain the features of a normal-sized bong but at cheaper prices.

If you’re looking for sturdy versions of mini bongs, you can select borosilicate glass or silicone mini bongs. 

  • Enhanced Taste

If you like intense flavors that come from smoking a hemp joint, then you’ll definitely want to try a mini bong. The smaller chamber parts bring a concentrated mixture of marijuana vapors. So, you’ll get the strong but ash-free marijuana flavors.

Disadvantages Of Small Bong

  • Reduced Percolation

A small-sized bong means lesser room for the smoke from burning marijuana to cool and diffuse. This is why a smaller bong will give a stronger marijuana flavor as compared to a larger bong. 

However, the vapors of burning marijuana won’t be as cool and smooth as those that come from a larger-sized bong.

  • Shorter Puffs

Mini bongs have smaller chambers. Thus, less smoke is produced from burning marijuana. So, you won’t be able to take longer hits as you would be able to in a longer bong.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Small Bongs Work Better?

The need for a bong depends from person to person. Some weed smokers prefer to use small bongs as they’re more convenient to use and provide strong flavors. 

Others consider using larger bongs because they provide smoother, longer hits, and allow adding various accessories.  

  • What To Look For In A Good Quality Mini Bong?

Check for a mini bong that is made of heat-resistant material and doesn’t get damaged easily. Such properties can be found in mini bongs made of borosilicate glass or silicone. 

  • Can You Fly With Mini Bongs In The US?

If you carry a bong or pipe in your luggage, the TSA official may ask to observe it at the screening checkpoint. Your bong will remain in the clear as long as it doesn’t show any proof that it was used for smoking illegal drugs such as paraphernalia. 

Thus, it’s advised to wash your mini bong properly before carrying it with you on your flight. 

  • What Is The Cost Of Mini Bongs?

Mini bongs can cost anywhere from $12.00 to $200.00 depending on the features they provide.

  • How To Smoke With A Mini Bong? 
  • First, make sure your mini bong is clean and ready to use.
  • Second, add grounded hemp or marijuana into your mini bong’s bowl and compress it down a little.
  • Next, make sure that all holes of your mini bong are closed. Then place your mouth on your bong’s mouthpiece. 
  • Next, check that your bong’s slide is sealed into its downstem. If your bong has a carb hole, cover it with one of your fingers.
  • Then, ignite your herbs and begin inhaling. Keep inhaling until your mini bong’s chamber fills up with smoke. 
  • Finally, lift the downstem or uncover the carb hole of your mini bong to inhale the vapors and clear your bong. 

Takeaway – Are Mini Bongs Good?

Mini bongs are water pipes that come in sizes of 8 inches or even smaller. They’re easy to clean, use, and are lightweight because of their compact size. They even provide strong flavors when smoking marijuana.

However, mini bongs contain lesser features and don’t provide longer hits. Thus, those looking for cooler, smoother, and longer hits should use a larger-sized bong.