Do Smaller Bongs Hit Harder?

As the world progresses, so does the market for different types of bong products. You can find bongs in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Bongs are water pipes that consist of a bowl and a chamber. They make the smoke from burning hemp cooler and creamier. If you aren’t a fan of harsh and coarse flavors when smoking, then you should try a bong. 

When looking to choose a bong, you’ll find numerous options in the market. These waterpipes come in a variety of shapes. Some may even look like an art masterpiece. In head shops, bongs are commonly divided into three categories based on their size, mini, medium, and large.

Should you select a small bong or a large bong? What is the difference? Is a small bong better for you? This article explains the differences between these waterpipes and whether smaller bongs hit harder or long bongs hit harder.

What Is The Difference Between Smaller Bongs And Large Bongs?

  • Smaller Bongs

These are bongs that come in a size of 10 inches or smaller and are made from different types of materials and have different shapes. They’re perfect for people who want something small and discreet and enjoy taking small hits, and the way these bongs work is also quite similar to how traditional bongs work. However, smaller bongs take less time to produce smoke because the path that the smoke travels through is short, this also allows you to really enjoy the flavor of the smoke. 

Some smaller bongs also come with extra features as well if they have enough free space, such as ash catchers and splash guards that help prevent the water that is present in the bottom of the chamber or downstem of the bong from splashing or traveling up into your mouth while you’re inhaling the smoke. The cost of smaller bongs is also a lot cheaper than big or long bongs. 

  • Large Bongs

Large bongs also referred to as tall bongs come in sizes above 18 inches and more. They can create bigger hits than smaller bongs, but they’re a lot more difficult to clean than smaller bongs. These bongs are perfect for people who have a high tolerance and enjoy taking bigger hits. 

Due to their large frames, they have extra space to add more accessories such as percolators, and ice and ash catchers that can help create smoother hits and enhance your experience. You might not be able to taste the exact flavor of the smoke when using large bongs because the path that the smoke travels through them is long which causes the flavor of the smoke to die down. 

Pros Of Smaller Bongs

Smaller bongs have their fair share of pros which are:

  • Discreet

A lot of people prefer smaller bongs, not because they’re easy to use, but also because they’re discreet, easy to conceal as well as carry around or transport. 

  • Cheaper

Another pro of smaller bongs is that they’re easily affordable and are considered to have much cheaper prices than large bongs. This is because they don’t require any extra accessories to create smoother hits or enhance your smoking experience. 

  • Easy Maintenance

Smaller bongs are a lot easier to maintain than large bongs. This is because large bongs tend to get dirty quickly and are difficult to clean because of their big frames, whereas smaller bongs don’t cause many difficulties in cleaning. You don’t have to worry about finding any dirt or residue in any nooks or corners of smaller bongs while cleaning them. 

  • Strong Flavors 

You can enjoy stronger flavors while smoking smaller bongs. This is because, as mentioned before, the smoke takes a lesser time to reach your mouth because the path that it’s traveling through is smaller which prevents the flavor of the smoke from dying out or diluting. 

  • Less Chances Of Breaking

With smaller bongs, you don’t have to worry about them falling or tipping over and breaking. This is because they’re small and don’t have much weight to them. 

Cons Of Smaller Bongs

Do Smaller Bongs Hit Harder?

Other than their pros, smaller bongs also have one or two cons that you need to know about such as:

  • Less Percolation

Most smaller bongs have really less or no space at all for percolation. This means that the hits that smaller bongs produce won’t be as smooth or cool as large bongs that have enough percolation. 

Pros Of Large Bongs

Similar to smaller bongs, large bongs also have some pros to share such as:

  • More Percolation

Due to large bongs having a lot of space inside of them, more percolation can take place inside them. This allows the hits to be smoother and cooler when you inhale them as compared to smaller bongs. 

  • Bigger Hits

Unlike smaller bongs, large bongs can allow you to take and enjoy bigger hits because more smoke is produced in extra space. 

Cons Of Large Bongs

Here are some cons of large bongs:

  • Weak Flavor

Compared to smaller bongs, large bongs have weaker flavors. This is because of the extra space in the bong the smoke takes a lot of time to reach your mouth while traveling which causes the smoke to lose its flavor. 

  • More Maintenance

Large bongs are a lot more difficult to clean than smaller bongs because they have too much space which allows the dirt, dust, and smoke residue to collect in every nook and corner which becomes difficult to remove. 

  • Expensive

The prices for large bongs are also more expensive than the prices of smaller bongs. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Bong Size Is The Best?

It depends on which one suits your preferences the most. Some people might prefer smaller bongs because they’re cheaper and easier to maintain while others will prefer large bongs because they can create bigger hits. 

  • Are Smaller Bongs Easier To Smoke?

Due to their small and simple frames, smaller bongs are much easier to smoke than large bongs and they’re perfect for beginners. 

  • Are Smaller Bongs Cheaper Than Large Bongs?

Yes, smaller bongs are easier to afford and cheaper than large bongs. 

  • Do Smaller Bongs Have Another Name?

Smaller bongs are also referred to as mini bongs. 

  • Are Large Bongs Hard To Clean?

Large bongs require a lot of maintenance and have to be cleaned a lot more frequently than smaller bongs because they tend to collect dust, dirt, and smoke residue much more quicker. 

Conclusion – Do Smaller Bongs Hit Harder?

Smaller bongs might create small hits but they’re just as strong and powerful as the hits that large bongs create. However, the quality of the hits can also depend on where you purchase your smaller bong from as well as what type of shape the smaller bong has.