Is Delta 8 Synthetic or Natural?

We all know that Delta 9 and CBD are natural cannabinoids that occur in marijuana. What about Delta 8? The nature of Delta 8 has left many confused about whether this cannabinoid occurs in hemp or is an artificial compound. If the cannabinoid is natural, how does it occur in hemp? Or, if it’s synthetic, how is it made? This article gives an answer to all of your doubts regarding the manufacturing process of Delta 8.

What Is Delta 8 & How Does It Work?

The hemp plant contains about 100 cannabinoids, and more are being discovered every day. One of those cannabinoids found in hemp is the Delta 8 cannabinoid. Although it is a psychoactive compound, the effects it creates are considered mild, as compared to the Delta 9 cannabinoid. 

This is because the Delta 8 cannabinoid doesn’t bind with the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system as strongly as the Delta 9 cannabinoid. Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist, was the first person who discovered the Delta 8 cannabinoid in 1965. 

What Are The Effects Of Delta 8?

Delta 8 interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system in such a way that it doesn’t cause intense psychoactive effects like Delta 9 does. In fact, Delta 8 is around half as potent as Delta 9. 

What type of high can you expect from Delta 8? When you use Delta 8, you may experience a pleasant and relaxing high. Moreover, the cannabinoid may help to improve your mood and ease your mind from stress. 

How Long Does Delta 8 Take To Kick In?

The amount of time Delta 8 takes to kick in depends on the type of product you use. These include:

  • Tinctures

You can use Delta 8 tinctures in multiple ways. If you use them sublingually by placing a drop of oil under your tongue for a few minutes, then they take only 15 to 30 minutes to kick in. This is because the cannabinoid gets absorbed through tiny blood vessels in the lining of the mouth. 

Another way of using tinctures is by infusing tincture oil into edibles. If you consume them through this method, then they will take an hour or longer to kick in.  

  • Edibles

Delta 8 gummies, capsules, and pills take around 1 hour or 2 to kick in. These types of products have the longest onset duration because they have to be digested by your body’s digested system before Delta 8 can enter your blood. After the cannabinoid enters your bloodstream and is metabolized in the liver, you begin to feel the effects.

  • Vape Carts, Joints, And Blunts

Vape carts, joints, and blunts take around 5 to 15 minutes to kick in. Smoking and vaping products have the shortest onset time because Delta 8 gets directly absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs as you inhale. 

How Much Delta 8 Can You Take?

When it comes to consuming Delta 8 products, it’s important to have an idea about how much you should consume. This is because there are often instances where people accidentally consume more than they can tolerate, and they end up experiencing adverse effects. 

If you don’t have an idea of how much you should consume, then you can follow a dosage guide, that can help you find out the dosage you should consume according to your tolerance levels. Here is an example:

Is Delta 8 Synthetic or Natural

Delta 8 Dosage For Low Tolerance: 5mg – 10mg

Delta 8 Dosage For Medium Tolerance: 10mg – 15mg

Delta 8 Dosage For High Tolerance: 45mg – 50mg

How Do You Find Good Quality Delta 8 Products?

There are numerous Delta 8 products in local stores and online. Which brand should you place your trust in to buy high-quality Delta 8 products? Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Certificate Of Analysis

‘The certificate of analysis is a piece of document that validates a dispensary’s products that were tested by a third-party laboratory. The COA shows the cannabinoid profile and the presence of any harmful chemicals in the product. A reliable brand will be able to provide you with the COA for all of its products whether online or at the store.

  • Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews say a lot about a brand’s services and products. Before buying any product from an online or local store, you should read customer reviews about a company’s products on social media platforms and the Internet. This will help you to select a reputable brand that provides high-quality Delta 8 products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does Delta 8 Stay In Your System?

Delta 8 can stay in your system for up to 90 days depending on how often you consume it. 

  • What Is The Best Place To Store Delta 8 Products?

The best place to store Delta 8 products is in a dark and dry place that protects the products from getting exposed to heat and light. This is because exposure to heat and light can cause the products to degrade over time. 

  • Can You Test Positive On A Drug Test After Consuming A Delta 8 Product?

Yes, it’s very likely for you to test positive on a drug test after consuming a Delta 8 product because it contains THC. 

Conclusion – Is Delta 8 Synthetic Or Natural?

Marijuana and hemp do contain Delta 8, although in small quantities. How does this Delta 8 form? Well, the compound that forms the basis for Delta 8 is Delta 9 – THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for getting marijuana users high. This chemical compound occurs in high concentrations in marijuana.

When marijuana is exposed to sunlight and oxygen, a chemical reaction takes place where Delta – 9 THC breaks down to CBN. During this conversion process, a small fraction of Delta 9 – THC also converts to Delta 8. This is how Delta 8 forms. Since it occurs in minute quantities, manufacturers can’t directly extract this cannabinoid from hemp or marijuana.

To obtain Delta 8 in sufficient quantities, manufacturers made a chemical process that involves using hemp-derived CBD. Why? As hemp plants contain large amounts of CBD. The above procedure does involve the use of a man-made process, but it doesn’t make Delta 8 synthetic.