Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, many compounds and cannabinoids of hemp have been discovered and brought to light. This led to many products of these cannabinoids becoming widely popular in the world today, including CBD oil and Hemp oil. 

Many people and even businesses confuse these two and assume they’re the same thing. In this blog, we will help clear that confusion, and make you understand what CBD oil and Hemp oil are while explaining what makes them different or similar to each other. 

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is dark green or light green oil that is created through the process of cold pressing hemp seeds into pure hemp oil similar to the way olives are cold pressed to create olive oil. This nutty and robust flavored oil consists of many helpful elements such as tocopherols, linoleic and linoleic acids, which are the omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.  

Hemp oil is also safe to consume in multiple ways. It can be consumed orally as a supplement with a spoon, it can also be used as a culinary oil to enhance flavor or it can even be used to sprinkle over vegetables or salads to add more flavor. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is created through the extraction of CBD from hemp plants which is then diluted with the help of a carrier oil such as coconut oil or even hemp oil. This oil has a bitter and earthy taste but it can change depending on what you mix it with before consuming it. 

CBD oil also contains many compounds that bind with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and help regulate the functions of your body. It also doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects because it doesn’t contain any THC, and if it does, the amount of it is very little to cause a high. 

What Are The Similarities Of CBD Oil And Hemp Oil?

Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil

You might be surprised to find out that there aren’t many similarities between these two oils. The only similarities that CBD oil and Hemp oil share is that they’re both created through the same hemp plant and they contain very small amounts of THC or don’t contain any at all.  

What Are The Differences Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?

Since Hemp oil and CBD oil don’t share many similarities, this means that they’re both very different from each other. In order to be able to differentiate them, here are their differences:

  • Production Method

Although CBD oil and Hemp oil are created from the same hemp plants, their production methods are entirely different. Hemp oil is created through the process of cold pressing hemp seeds, whereas CBD oil is created from the entire hemp plant with the help of some complex techniques and technology. The most common methods of extraction for CBD oil are called supercritical fluid extraction and solvent-based extraction. 

  • Cost

The cost for both of these oils depends on their production. Since CBD is created using many extraction methods along with different equipment, its production costs a lot of money and effort which means that the cost of CBD oil will be expensive. 

Whereas, the cost of Hemp oil is cheaper because its process of extraction, which is cold pressing hemp seeds is very simple and doesn’t require much effort and money. Do keep in mind that sometimes the costs of these two oils can differ depending on which country you live in, and where you purchase your CBD oil or Hemp oil from. 

  • Where They Are Sold

One of the things that people struggle with the most when looking for cannabinoid products is finding the location where they’re sold at. Thankfully, Hemp oils are sold and easily found at almost every pharmacy, grocery store, and health food store. However, the same can’t be said for CBD oil. 

You have to do a lot of research to find out where these bad boys are being sold. It’s best to try your chances online since it is much easier to find CBD oil online than in physical stores. This is because it might not be legal in the area or country that you live in. 

  • How They Are Used

Another big difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil is how they’re used and for what reasons. For example, Hemp oil can be used as a culinary oil to add more flavor to your food while cooking, it can also be sprinkled on salads and vegetables or consumed directly using a spoon. You can also find Hemp oil in beauty products that are used for hair and skin care. 

CBD oil can also be used for a variety of reasons. It can be consumed orally through a few drops on your tongue, and you can mix it with lotions and balms, to apply to your skin. CBD oil is also used for vaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Mix Hemp Oil With Other Oils?

It’s perfectly safe to mix your Hemp oil with other oils such as skincare oils, and even lotions. You can also choose to use Hemp oil on its own. 

  • Will Hemp Oil Show On A Drug Test?

It’s unlikely for Hemp oil to show on a drug test simply because most drug tests, search for THC in your body, the cannabinoid that is found in marijuana and is responsible for making you feel high.

  • Does Hemp Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

Due to its short shelf life, Hemp oil should be refrigerated before and after use to stop them from expiring or going bad quickly. 

  • Can Hemp Oil Make You Feel High?

Hemp oil can’t make you feel high or cause any intoxicating effects because it doesn’t contain THC and if it does, the amount is very small.

The Final Word – Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil?

Hemp oil and CBD oil may be created from the same hemp plant, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the same thing. In fact, they both are very different from each other. Hemp oil and CBD oil have different production methods, different uses, and even cost different.