510 Battery


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Represent your favorite brands with a Rebel Roots Farms branded 510 battery!



   1. Can You Use Any Cartridge With A 510 Battery?

You can only use a cartridge with a 510 Battery if both of their threads are compatible with each other.

   2. How Long Does A 510 Battery Last?

A 510 Battery lasts for at least 5 hours on average before needing to charge. However, the amount of time can change depending on factors such as how long the battery is used, and at voltage or temperature, the battery is heating.

   3. What Are The Benefits Of A 510 Battery?

The biggest benefit of these 510 Batteries is that they’re small and can be carried around in your pocket everywhere for your own ease.

   4. What Is The Voltage Of A 510 Battery?

The voltage of a 510 battery varies from 2.6v – 4.0v.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 12 in