Gelatti [BDT] Hybrid – Hemp Derived THC-O Distillate Dripper


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THC-O acetate, or THC-O, is a synthetic analog (or chemical twin) of THC. That means that although THC-O is indeed a cannabinoid, it’s not naturally occurring.  THC-O, reportedly can be up to 300% more potent than Delta 8.

Available with London Pound Cake, Gelatti, or Ghost Train Haze terps in 1 gram drippers.

Gelatti can apply to one Orthodox monastery within the heart of Georgia, a delicious Italian dessert, or the terpy cannabis cross of California favorites Gelato and Biscotti. The blend between the three serves as perfect imagery for what’s going on here: it’s a heady, somewhat spiritual infusion floating along a rich, sweetly nuanced stream of pungent OG sugar.
1mL Hemp-Derived THC-O Distillate with Botanical Derived Terpenes
Distillate drippers can be used for a variety of uses from filling your own vaporizers, to dabbing or infusing your own edibles. Housed in borosilicate glass for heat resistance, the syringe can be heated directly with a lighter, submerged in hot water, or microwaved on low heat to allow the oil to flow through the narrow tip. A 14ga 1/2″ blunt tip Luer lock needle is included for your convenience. See FAQs for other tips.


   1. Can You Consume Alcohol With Your Gelatti THC-O Distillate?

Although it’s safe to consume alcohol with your Gelatti THC-O distillates, just make sure that you don’t take big dosages of the distillate with alcohol.


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