Oregon Diesel [CDT] Indica – Hemp Derived Delta-8 Distillate Dripper


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Oregon Diesel (Indica) –   Oregon Diesel strain is a cross between NYC Diesel and Blackberry. The perfect choice for a pre-bed smoke as it boosts deep relaxation, relieves muscle tension, and spams. The high starts from a tingling sensation in the head area and slowly melts down into a warm and pleasant sense of overall body relaxation. Floral, pine and earthy aroma
1mL Hemp-Derived Delta-8 Distillate with Cannabis Derived Terpenes
Distillate drippers can be used for a variety of uses from filling your own vaporizers, dabbing or infusing your own edibles. Housed in borosilicate glass for heat resistance, the syringe can be heated directly with a lighter, submerged in hot water or microwaved on low heat to allow the oil to flow through the narrow tip. A 14ga 1/2″ blunt tip luer lock needle is included for your convenience. See FAQs for other tips.


   1. When Do The Effects Of Oregon Diesel Indica Kick In?

The effects of Oregon Diesel Indica kick in after 10 minutes of consumption and they can last for up to 3-8 hours.

   2. How Long Does It Take To Grow Oregon Diesel Indica?

The amount of time that Oregon Diesel Indica takes to grow depends on the place that it is grown. For example, it takes 8-9 weeks for Oregon Diesel Indica to mature indoors.

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