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Sage and Sour (Sativa) – The Sage n Sour is said to have originated from the Netherlands. It is a cross between one of New York City’s finest, Sour Diesel, and the West Coast’s pride, SAGE (Sativa-Afghan Genetic Equilibrium). A great way to start the day and get those neurons firing. This cross gives off a sage and gassy aroma.
1mL Hemp-Derived Delta-8 Distillate Batch #078 with Cannabis Derived Terpenes


   1. What Terpene Is Found In Sage And Sour Sativa?
The terpene that is found in Sage and Sour Sativa, is called Terpinolene. It offers many benefits when paired with other terpenes and cannabinoids.
   2. What Makes Delta 8 Distillates Better Than Other Concentrates?
Delta 8 distillates create stronger and long-lasting effects because they contain higher amounts of THC content than other concentrates.

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