Taste Sampler



Our Taste Sampler featuring all 6 of our ready to enjoy drippers!

Each dripper includes A 14ga 1/2″ blunt tip luer lock needle for your convenience.

CDT Drippers

Candyland emanates a strong sweet flavor and smell, with an earthy, spicy undertone due to its diverse terpene profile. The strain blend contains limonene and linalool, responsible for its sweet, light aroma, and the beta-caryophyllene and humulene are responsible for the earthy, spicy tones.
A relative of the famous Girl Scout Cookie strain, Do-si-dos, is an Indica Dominant Hybrid reminiscent of its parentage. This pungent strain floods the senses with an earthy base note, complemented by the aroma and flavor of mint and limes.
Hippie Crippler
Hippie Crippler is a powerful cross of AK-47 and Blue Satellite, known for its sweet smell and taste. This year’s harvest profile is extra earthy, skunky and piney. This profile will be sure to give you peace and open up your third eye!

BDT Drippers

Notorious for its ability to send users deep into the spirit realm, Ghost Train Haze does so in an amazingly gentle fashion. Rather than haunting the upper trachea, this strain accomplishes its goals more through a floral, earthy sweetness that carries, rather than commands. Hailing from the breeding between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG, this character is a pursuit for veteran stoners, rather than amateur ghost hunters.
Gelatti can apply to one Orthodox monastery within the heart of Georgia, a delicious Italian dessert, or the terpy cannabis cross of California favorites Gelato and Biscotti. The blend between the three serves as perfect imagery for what’s going on here: it’s a heady, somewhat spiritual infusion floating along a rich, sweetly nuanced stream of pungent OG sugar.
A classic in any United Kingdom patisserie, the pound cake is favored for its dense, citric flavor. Strainwise, this blend remains true to roots, but with an added bit of berry infusion – courtesy of parent Sunset Sherbert. Together, the result is a rich, complicated taste unafraid of dancing along either side of the boundary between sweet and savory.

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