Wholesale Bulk Delta-8 Hemp Distillate [Batch 078]

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Wholesale Delta-8 Distillate [Batch-078] –

Our Wholesale Delta-8 Distillate [Batch-078] is a combination of  Delta-8 + CBC & CBN

82.51% Delta-8 with 5.3% CBC and 0.2% CBN

Has a slight earthy smell.

Please call for pricing on orders 10 Liters or more.


   1. What Is The Best Food To Combine Your Wholesale Delta-8 Distillate [Batch-078]  With?

The type of food that you choose to combine with your Delta 8 distillate with should include enough amount of fats and proteins as they help increase the bioavailability of the distillate which enhances your high.

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Oregon Diesel, Sage And Sour, Animal Mintz Rosin, Hippie Crasher Rosin, Outer Space Sauce, Gelatti, Jack Herer, Raw (No Terpenes)