Rolling Stone Culture Council

Niles Christodoulidis accepted to Rolling Stone Culture Council, a community of thought leaders and tastemakers shaping industry futures.

Rogue River, OR (12/16/2020) — Rolling Stone Culture Council, an invitation-only collection of thought leaders and business innovators from a variety of industries that shape culture and society, has accepted Niles Christodoulidis to its unique community.

Niles Christodoulidis, CEO, Rebel Roots Farms, Inc., was specifically selected as one of Rolling Stone Culture Council’s newest members because of contributions to the cannabis industry. Niles will join senior leaders in various industries that influence how global culture is shaped, including: art, cannabis, entertainment, fashion, film, food and beverage, gaming, hospitality, media, music, sports, technology, television, and theater.

The Culture Council was formally launched in late 2020, and is an invitation-only community whose members and business accomplishments are reviewed and vetted for inclusion based on industry and thought leadership, contributions to their industry and society, and a willingness to help lead what’s next for music, arts, and related industries.

“In difficult times, our nation and world have always looked to music and the arts, and the cultures and industries that surround them, for direction and inspiration. The members of this community are exceptional, innovative, and true leaders. We look forward to the insights and thoughtful discussions that will come from them and this new business-based community,” said Scott Gerber, co-founder of Rolling Stone Culture Council. “We believe that this council brings together industry leaders with the right mix of expertise, passion, and energy to do great things and to make real contributions both to their own businesses and to the larger industries that surround music and the arts.”

Niles is the CEO and Founding Partner of both Rebel Roots Farms and Delta Alternatives and is excited to “bring social acceptance of cannabis products from the dorm room to the boardroom.”

Members will share their ideas and expertise in a variety of settings inside the community, will contribute articles on the iconic publication’s online edition at, and will participate in Expert Panels, which showcase and share member expertise in a broad range of subjects. Each member will also have an executive profile shared on the website.

Each member of this vetted network of decision-makers from some of the most successful companies in North America and Europe will be included in the members-only directory, receive leadership and business coaching, and have access to other members through a private forum to share thoughts, questions, ideas, and inspiration.

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