What Is A Diffuser Bong?

What Is A Diffuser Bong?

There are many different types of bongs that are being introduced in the market today. Diffuser bongs are also included. If you’re someone who has never heard of Diffuser bongs or are hearing about them for the first time, then our blog can help answer all of your questions about this type of bong, from how to use it, to its different types.

What Is A Diffuser?

Most bongs today come with Diffusers fixed inside of them. Diffusers refer to a device in a bong that helps create cleaner and smoother hits by diffusing the smoke when it’s in the water. Diffuser bongs are also referred to as Diffuser Downstems because they’re attached or fixed to the downstem of a bong, the downstems can also be replaced by the Diffuser.

These Diffusers increase the surface area needed to cool the smoke, by creating more smaller bubbles than the traditional downstems of bongs. Your smoking experience can be enhanced and improved with the help of Diffuser bongs or by adding a diffuser to your bong.

How To Use A Diffuser Bong?

Although most bongs come with Diffusers fixed in them, there are some bongs that you may need to fix your Diffuser in yourself. Those bongs are ones that have replaceable downstems. It’s also important to keep in mind that when getting a Diffuser, its size should match the size of the downstem so that it can fit perfectly.

A Diffuser looks very similar to a glass test tube that is sealed shut on one end and a number of open slits on the other end. These open slits are responsible for creating smaller bubbles of smoke by breaking the smoke up. Then the bubbles are cooled with the help of the bong water which creates a cleaner and smoother hit which doesn’t hurt your lungs or your throat when inhaled.

Types Of Diffuser Downstems?

What Is A Diffuser Bong?

Since Diffusers are also referred to as Diffuser Downstems, there are some different types that fall under this category. Such as:

  • Slitted Diffuser

A Slitted Diffuser refers to the type of diffuser downstem that contains a number of slits at the bottom of the downstem. This type of diffuser is one of the most common and well-known among other types of diffusers. The reason why this type of diffuser is so well known is that it doesn’t clog as quickly or as much as other types of diffusers do. The slits also help let the smoke into the water quicker than diffuser downstems.

These are also much easier to clean than the rest of the diffusers. If you’re someone who has recently started using bongs and want to invest in a good type of diffuser, then Slitted Diffusers are the safest option for you.

  • Pearl Diffuser

A Pearl Diffuser, is a type of diffuser downstem, that contains small holes at the bottom part of a bong’s downstem. The small holes at the bottom of the glass downstem are responsible for making the hits that you take extra bubble and creating aromatic and flavorful smoke. The only disadvantage that the Pear Diffuser has, is that the small holes in it tend to clog very easily and have to be cleaned more frequently than a Slitted Diffuser.

  • Showerhead Diffuser

Another type of diffuser downstem is a Showerhead Diffuser. The narrow end of the downstem is covered in small slits. These small slits have a similar purpose to the Slitted Diffuser. The only issue with this type of diffuser is that the downstem doesn’t allow as much airflow as the Slitted Diffuser, which causes the downstem to become clogged as soon as you use it.

This is why it’s been recommended that you use an ash catcher or screens when using Showerhead Diffusers so that you can keep them clean and catch and stop the ash from traveling into the diffuser.

  • 4 Arm Diffuser 

The 4 Arm Diffuser is quite similar to a tree percolator. It contains 4 separate tubes or arms that contain slits at the end. They can create flavorful and aromatic smoke that enhances your smoking experience with this type of diffuser down stem. However, the 4 arm Diffusers are very fragile and can break very easily especially when cleaning, so it’s important that you handle them with extreme caution and care.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does A Diffused Down stem Do?

A diffused down stem works differently than a regular down stem. It breaks down the smoke and creates smoother and cleaner hits that are flavorful and aromatic and are easy on the lungs and don’t cause throat burn. 

  • What Do Bong Diffuser Beads Do?

Diffuser beads are small beads that are made from plastic or glass and are used for extra levels of diffusion in your bong. They can help create cleaner, smoother, and longer hits. Diffuser beads can also help cool down the smoke but they won’t make it ice cold. They can also add extra weight to your bongs, which helps in reducing the chances of your bong falling over especially if it isn’t heavy enough. 

  • What Is The Relation Between Percolators And Diffusers?

Percolators and Diffusers are quite similar to each other because they’re both used to break down smoke into smaller bubbles and increase the surface area needed to maximize the cooling effect of the smoke. Which enhances the smoking experience of the user. 

  • What Is The Cost Of Diffuser Bongs?

The cost of Diffuser Bongs ranges from $1.36-$2.72 depending on the brand and country you’re purchasing from. 

  • Types of Bong Diffuser Beads?

There are different types of Bong Diffuser Beads that are used in bongs. Such as:

  • Waterpipe Water Beads
  • Glow In The Dark Diffuser Beads
  • Waterpipe Expanding Water Beads

Conclusion – What Is A Diffuser Bong?

Diffuser bongs can help enhance your smoking experience by creating clean and smooth hits. Which is much safer than an open-ended down stem. Diffuser bongs also help bring out the flavor of the smoke even more when inhaled and they make the process of cleaning the bong and diffuser less of a hassle.