What Is CBN? A Detailed Guide

Over the past few years, cannabinoid-based drugs have seen an increase in consumption due to potential benefits backed by research. Delta 9, Delta 8, and CBD are just a few compounds that are a part of 100 cannabinoids discovered in hemp plants. 

Another member of the cannabinoid family recently discovered by scientists is CBN. This article will give a bird’s eye view of some of its potential capabilities.

What Is CBN And How It Forms?

Cannabinol is a member of the cannabinoid family that can be found in hemp plants. The chemical can also be created artificially.  

A property of Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol is that it decomposes in the presence of heat, oxygen, and light. As a result of this process, the resultant cannabinoid formed is CBN. According to researchers, this compound is found in higher traces in hemp plants that have aged or have gone dry.

Though CBN is derived from Delta 9, the compound doesn’t produce effects of intoxication. 

Differences And Similarities Between CBN And CBD

CBD and CBN, both are cannabinoids derived from hemp plants. However, unlike CBN, CBD doesn’t come from Delta 9 and can be found easily in hemp plants.

CBD has undergone extensive clinical trials as compared to CBN. Thus, there is more easy access to a range of products that provide CBD, unlike CBN. Moreover, CBD has shown numerous benefits backed by research. The same can’t be said about CBN.

A common property that both CBD and CBN share is that both bind with the CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system. These receptors work to regulate the immune system. 


What Is CBN? A Detailed Guide


Where Can You Acquire CBN Products?

CBN products are more likely to be found in renowned shops supplying cannabinoid products. For ensuring that the product chosen is safe to consume, ask your supplier for the following documentation:

  1. Certificate Of Analysis For All Cannabinoid Products

The document shows the ingredients of all cannabinoid products provided by the company and their level of usage. It also shows if a product contains mold, pesticides, heavy metals, or mold. 

  1. Uses Third Party Lab Testing Services 

The company must send its products for testing at a third-party laboratory. This helps to uncover label inaccuracies or the presence of chemicals at harmful levels. It’s recommended to refer to third-party labs if unsure about a product’s safety.

How To Consume CBN?

CBN is not as common as its other cannabinoid siblings. At present, CBN is provided in the form of the following products:

  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Oils
  • Vape carts
  • Distillates

Before beginning to consume CBN, it’s recommended to take advice from your health consultant as CBN is still under preliminary investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is CBN Legal In All States?

As of now, CBN and other cannabinoids are still illegal under federal law. 

and chronic muscle pain.

2. Is CBN FDA Approved?

Currently, CBN isn’t approved by the FDA to treat any conditions. 


To date, the final verdict on CBN properties is still up in the air since there is minimal human research available. This rare product possesses its own set of therapeutic benefits and once it’s been researched more we’ll be able to draw better concrete conclusions regarding its nature.