Distillate Drippers

Distillate Drippers

Find a selection of high-quality distillate drippers to use for a wide range of reasons.

What Are Distillate Drippers?

Distillate drippers are essentially syringes that are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. This type of glass is very strong and is made up of two chemicals called boron trioxide and silica which is what makes this glass heat-resistant, and environment-friendly. These syringes are used for a wide variety of reasons, and they also contain different types of cannabinoids inside them. Such as:

What Are The Ways To Consume Distillate Drippers?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are different and unique ways to consume distillate drippers. They include:

One of the most common ways of consuming distillate drippers is by vaping them. All you have to do is insert it into your vaping device and start puffing away. The effects of distillate drippers kick in very quickly when you vape them. However, it depends on the type of cannabinoid present in the distillates.  For example, Delta 8 distillates take about 5-6 minutes for the effects to kick in after a few puffs, and the effects last for about 2-5 hours. Whereas Delta 9/THC distillates take about 10 minutes for the effects to kick in after vaping and they last for about 4-5 hours.

When it comes to consuming distillates orally, it’s important that you consume an amount that is suitable for your according to your tolerance levels. It’s also been recommended that if you consume distillates orally, then you should start with the smallest dosage which is 5mg – 10mg, even if you have high tolerance levels.  If you’re not a fan of consuming distillates orally, then you could always mix them in your food. Although they might take some time to kick in, the effects last for a much longer time than vaping.

Distillates can also be used as topicals that you can apply to your skin. Just take a few drops of it and thoroughly rub it on your skin. After that, you can lay back and enjoy the relaxing effects of the distillate.

How Can You Heat Up Distillate Drippers?

Many people struggle with trying to heat up their distillate drippers. However, with the help of the 3 methods mentioned below, you can heat up your distillate drippers easily. They include:

One way to heat up your distillates is by holding them under running hot water for a few minutes.

Another way to heat up your distillate is by placing it in a hot water bath and leaving it there for a few minutes.

Believe it or not, you can also heat up your distillate using a blow dryer. Just hold the top part of the syringe, and then hold the blow dryer to the end of the distillate

Frequently Asked Questions

Distillates are considered to be much stronger than wax. This is because while wax or shatters only contain about 40%-70% concentration of cannabinoids in them, distillates have around 80%-100% concentration of cannabinoids in them which makes them have a higher potency than wax and shatter.

CBD distillates can’t test positive on a drug test. This is because CBD distillates don’t contain THC in them, and most drug tests are only designed to pick up traces of THC in them, which is why CBD distillates can’t test positive on a drug test.

Yes, it’s perfectly safe for you to dab distillate drippers. All you have to do is place a few drops of your concentrate onto the dab tool and then apply it on the banger/nail using the same dab tool. You can also just directly apply the concentrate drops on your banger/nail.

The shelf life of distillates can last for over a year, depending on the type of cannabinoid present in the distillate. It also depends on how well you store them, if you store them in the right place with the right temperatures, then their shelf life can be preserved, but if you don’t store them properly then their shelf life can drop.

Distillate drippers shouldn’t be left outside, because it can not only expose them to germs and bacteria but also expose them to heat and light which could cause them to degrade and expire quickly.

The best place to store your distillate drippers would be in a dark, cool, and dry place. An example of a place like this can be a cabinet or a drawer, these places can help prevent your distillate drippers from getting exposed to heat. 

You can store your distillate drippers in the fridge because their cool temperature can help preserve the potency, flavors, and shelf life of the distillates. However, it’s best that you don’t leave them in there for a very long time, as they could freeze up and make it difficult for you to use them.

Most distillates have a clear color, or they have a slight pink tint or amber hue, which means that they’re in perfect condition and are made of good ingredients and materials. However, if you notice that your distillate has a darkish-brown or black color, then it means that the distillate is not in good condition and is made of harmful ingredients and materials.

No, there are many distillates that don’t smell like weed or have a strong scent. However, thanks to advanced technology, you can find different types of distillates in the market today, that come in different flavors and have unique scents.

When heating your distillates, the most preferred temperature for it is 100 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of distillate that you have, and the cannabinoid that is present inside the distillate.

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