Refund/Return/Exchange Policy

If you don’t receive a confirmation email for your Crypto purchases within one hour of payment, please email [email protected]

Please contact [email protected]
to initiate a request for refund, replacement, or exchange for products purchased directly from us. If you purchased our product from a local store, please contact them for returns and exchanges.

Depending on the nature of your situation, you may be entitled to either a refund, replacement, or exchange if your product is faulty for a variety of reasons including:

Cart does not fire upon arrival

Product was damaged in shipping

Unused and unopened product is contaminated

We do NOT process returns, refunds, or exchanges for flavor, smell, or clogging issues as these can be subjective or the result of external factors out of our control.We do not honor returns, refunds, or exchanges for feeling, effect, or medical side effects. Delta 8 is a unique cannabinoid. If you have never used it before, do not buy a lot. We will not refund or exchange because you did not like how it made you feel. Use with caution as you would any other mind altering substance.

All clearance items are sold “as-is” and are not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges. All requests for refund, return, or exchange must be submitted within 15 days of purchase. 

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