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Frequently Asked Questions

The best place to store your HHC gummies is in a cool and dark place. Such as a cabinet, a drawer, or even a fridge. Storing your HHC gummies or any other HHC products in a dark and cool place can protect them from getting exposed to what and light.

The THC-O cannabinoid can be detected in your system for up to 90 days, depending on how much and how often you consume this cannabinoid. If you consume this cannabinoid once in a while then it can stay in your system for less than a week.

It’s been encouraged that you place your Delta 8 gummies in the fridge. This is because its cool temperature can help preserve the flavors and potency of the gummies. A fridge can also help preserve the shelf life of the gummies.

If you consume HHC frequently in large dosages, then it most likely will stay in your system for more than a week or two. However, if you consume HHC once in a while, then it can stay in your system for less than a week.

Not all Delta 8 tinctures taste like weed. In fact, you can find many different types of Delta 8 distillates that have different and unique flavors.

There are several ways that you can heat up your HHC distillates. Such as placing your distillate in a bowl of hot water, holding it under running water, or even using a blow dryer to heat up one end of the HHC distillate dripper.

The effects of Delta 8 tinctures kick in after about 10-15 minutes of consumption. This is because these tinctures are consumed through sublingual absorption. This process involves placing a few drops of the tincture in your mouth and then holding them under your tongue for a few seconds. This way the cannabinoid can enter your bloodstream immediately without having to be digested.

It takes at least an hour for you to feel the effects of CBD gummies after consuming them. This is because when you consume a CBD gummy, you don’t feel its effects kick in immediately. This is because the gummy is first digested in your stomach , and then the CBD cannabinoid enters your bloodstream and travels to your brain to activate its effects.

THC-O products have a shelf life of about 1-2 years depending on how well you store them in the right place with the right temperatures. If you’re unable to store them properly then their shelf life can decrease.

The best way to store your HHC distillates, is to place them inside an air tight jar, or a zip lock bag. This way the distillates won’t be exposed to any type of germs or bacteria, and it will also decrease the chances of leakage.

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