Jelly Rancher 089 [BDT]

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Batch 089

Color: This variant has a deeper, richer golden-brown hue, reminiscent of dark amber or maple syrup. It’s slightly opaque, suggesting a more natural and unrefined quality.

Aroma: The aroma is distinctly earthy and robust, with notes of pine, wood, and a subtle undertone of damp soil. It carries the essence of a forest after rain, combined with a hint of herbal richness. The scent is more pronounced and organic, appealing to those who prefer a natural, grounded fragrance.

Jelly Rancher Sauce Flower Strain: A Candy-Like Delight

Indulge in the sweet, playful essence of Jelly Rancher Sauce – a flower strain that captures the joy and nostalgia of your favorite childhood candies.

Type: Hybrid
Aroma: A delightful mix of sweet, fruity flavors reminiscent of jelly candies.
Appearance: Colorful buds with shades of purple, green, and a sugary coating of trichomes.

Key Features:
Candy-Like Aroma: The sweet and fruity fragrance is irresistibly delightful.
Joyful Appearance: Its candy-inspired colors are a feast for the eyes.
Euphoric Effects: Perfect for a happy, uplifting experience.

Experience the Sweetness:
Jelly Rancher Sauce is more than a flower; it’s a joyful escape, ideal for those who love a sweet, fun-filled experience.

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Weight 0.154 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
Bucket Weight

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