Zen Stick (THCa Infused Preroll)

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Our new Infused Pre-Rolled joints or Zen Sticks, as we like to call them, are just the thing for the purist that craves that old school feeling of smoking a joint but with the kick of being infused with our high quality THCa.

These Zen Sticks are packed with high quality CBD flower and infused with THCa isolate.

Ready for any adventure, just grab a Zen Stick and a lighter and you’re ready for whatever your travels have in store for you.



What is a Infused Pre Roll?

An infused joint or pre-roll is a pre-made hemp joint with isolate added to it.

Are Infused Pre Rolls strong?

Yes, Infused Pre Rolls are very potent and, we think, are best when shared with friends. So gather your friends together and spark up a infused pre roll and let the good times roll.

How Long does an Infused Pre Roll to Work?

You will feel the effects of a Infused Pre Roll almost immediately.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in