A Simple Guide For Dosing CBD Tincture

A Simple Guide For Dosing CBD Tincture

The number of health benefits and non-sedative properties associated with CBD has resulted in the immense popularity of CBD products. A health survey conducted by Forbes in 2022 showed that more than 50% of American adults have tested a CBD product and trust its potential health benefits.

CBD products come in both liquid and solid forms. It’s advised that when consuming CBD you must take caution on the dosage you intake. When you consume the appropriate dosage of CBD, you attain its maximum benefits with no side effects.

This guide gives an in-depth understanding of choosing the right CBD tincture dosage for yourself to help you make the most out of their advantages.

What Is CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is made with a mixture of alcohol and water. This mixture acts as a solvent that allows extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from a hemp plant.

There are 2 types of CBD tinctures. The first type is alcohol-based CBD tinctures. These have a sour taste and are quite uncommon.

The second type of CBD tincture is an oil product. It consists of fewer ingredients as compared to an alcohol-based tincture.

Key Factors That Determine Optimum CBD Dosage

A Simple Guide For Dosing CBD Tincture

  • The Kind Of Symptoms You Want Relief From

The dosage of the CBD tincture you want to intake depends on the type of medical conditions and the symptoms you want to cure.

  • Endocannabinoid System

Every person has a unique endocannabinoid system. It controls cognitive and motor functions of the nervous system as well as our feelings and the way we behave.

These are just a few factors that govern the dosage of a CBD tincture that is right for you.

Simple Calculations For Finding The Right CBD Tincture Dosage

In the case of solid forms of CBD, cannabinoid providers pre-determine the dosage of CBD per serving, which is written on product packings. Limited information is provided for CBD tinctures.

This can make it difficult for a beginner to estimate how many drops of CBD oil are enough to get the right effects. To determine the appropriate dosage, you have to perform only a few small easy math calculations. Grab your calculators!

  • Identify The CBD Dosage And Volume Of Tincture

On the packings of CBD tinctures, the information provided is the total liquid volume, the potency of CBD in the tincture, and the dropper’s serving size (mostly 1 mL). For example, a CBD tincture packing indicates that the 30 ml bottle contains 500 mg of CBD, and has a dropper with a maximum serving size of 1 m.

Note these 3 down as they are important for the next step.

  • Calculate The Strength Of CBD In 1 ml Of Tincture

To calculate the strength of CBD in 1 ml of CBD oil, simply divide the total potency of the CBD by the liquid volume.

Formula: Total Potency of CBD (mg) / Total liquid volume (ml) = 500 mg /30 ml = 16.67 mg/ml

In the above-mentioned example, the 500 mg CBD tincture with 30-ml oil has a potency of 16.67 mg of CBD in 1 mL of oil.

  • Determine The Dose Of CBD In 1 drop Of Tincture oil

To calculate the number of mg of CBD, a drop of tincture oil contains, multiply the potency of CBD per ml by the volume of a single drop of tincture oil. The volume of a single drop of tincture oil is usually 0.05 ml. If unsure about this, contact your CBD tincture supplier.

Strength of CBD (mg/ml)  X  volume of a tincture oil drop (ml) = 16.67 mg/ml  x 0.05 ml

Dose of CBD in 1 drop of Tincture oil = 0.8335 mg / drop

For the above example, the 500 mg CBD tincture of the 30-ml total volume provides 0.8335 mg of CBD in a drop of oil.

  • Calculate How many Drops You Need To Meet the Required Dose

To calculate how many drops you require to meet the desired CBD dosage, just divide the desired CBD dose into milligrams with the amount of CBD in a single drop of tincture oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can CBD Tinctures Be Carried On A Flight?

Yes, CBD tinctures can be carried on flights in the US. However, the volume of the tinctures must be less than 3 ounces.

  • Are Delta 8 And CBD Similar?

No. On consuming Delta 8, mild intoxication is observed whereas CBD does not cause intoxication. Moreover, Delta 8 brings psychoactive effects, but CBD doesn’t.

  • What Is The Best CBD Dosage For Beginners?

For starters, the recommended CBD dosage to try is 5 mg of CBD or lower. If the dosage brings stronger effects, then reduce the dosage further. Otherwise, if this dosage doesn’t provide the desired results, increase the dosage gradually until you achieve the desired outcome.

  • Ways Of Consuming CBD Tinctures?

  • Swallowing via mouth
  • Add to any type of food or drink

Takeaway – A Simple Guide For Dosing CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures work effectively when taken according to your dosage requirements. If you’re consuming CBD to relieve a medical condition or as a norm, then use the calculation method mentioned above to find the number of drops of tincture you require to meet that dosage.

If you’re trying CBD for the first time, then it’s recommended to start with the lowest dose and observe if it provides the desired effects. Otherwise, gradually increase your CBD dosage until you achieve its advantages.