A Simple Guide To Delta 8 Dosing

Why should you choose an appropriate dosage when taking any cannabinoid? This is because if you take in a lesser-than-advised dosage, then the drug’s potential benefits would be minimized. 

Delta 8 has gained immense popularity due to its various benefits and lesser intoxicating effect as compared to its sibling, Delta 9. The cannabinoid compound is available in the form of vape cartridges, tinctures, gummies, pills, and more.

A person who has got their hands on Delta 8 for the first time must have thought, ‘how much Delta 8 is safe to consume?’ The answer in short is that there is no exact amount of Delta 8 that everyone can intake. 

The potency, in fact, varies from person to person, depending on a number of factors. This article gives an in-depth understanding of the appropriate dosage a person can use and what factors can influence this dosage.

Is Delta 8 Dosing And CBD Dosing Similar?

Although both Delta 8 and CBD are derived from hemp plants, one can’t assume that their dosage amounts for reaping benefits are the same. Delta 8 brings mild intoxication, altering the ability of sensory perception. 

When consuming high dosages of delta 8, cognitive functions are slightly affected, resulting in confusion or even memory loss.  Whereas CBD does not cause intoxication.

Both bring different effects on the body because each interacts with different body regions. Delta 8 impacts the brain, causing a person to feel high when consumed. It’s half as potent as its sibling, Delta 9, which produces strong psychoactive symptoms.

If it’s your first time trying Delta 8, then it’s recommended for you to start from the lowest dosage. If you can’t feel any of the effects, gradually increase the dosage until you achieve its maximum potential with no side effects. 

A Simple Guide To Delta 8 Dosing

Key Factors That Affect Delta 8 Dosage

There are 2 factors that help in determining which Delta 8 dosages are the best fit for you. These are

  • Potency

This factor indicates the amount of Delta 8 in milligrams a product contains. These differ for liquid and solid varieties.

  • Concentration

The concentration shows the amount of Delta 8 per milligram of a product. In liquid products such as vape cartridges, it is measured in the amount of Delta 8 (mg) per milliliter. For example, some companies offer Delta 8 tincture that provides 15 mg of Delta 8 in 1 milliliter of oil, i.e, 0.5 mg per drop. The dropper provided can hold a maximum of 1 ml of oil.

Various cannabinoid providers that produce Delta 8 products use different combinations of strength and potency. For instance, delta 8 tinctures come in sizes of 30 ml and 60 ml bottles. A similar approach is used for making gummies, pills, and vape cartridges. It’s up to the companies on the number of milligrams of delta 8 they include in their product range.

In solid versions of delta 8 products, manufacturers predetermine the dosage of Delta 8 per piece. This means you won’t have to do any calculations to measure the quantity. Consume the number of capsules that will help you to achieve the dosage requirements.

Tolerance Levels And Delta 8 Dosage

Delta 8 Potency per serving Tolerance Level
5 – 15 mg low
15 – 45 mg medium
45 – 150 mg + high

The potency ranges of Delta 8 and tolerance levels shown above are for liquid Delta 8 products. These can also be applied to the solid varieties of Delta 8.

Since Delta 8 is half as strong as Delta 9, it’s not a good idea to jump immediately into Delta 8 products with high potencies. 

The best way to find your optimum dosage of Delta 8 is by starting from the bottom, and increasing it gradually until you get the desired result.

Time Taken For The Effects Of Delta 8 To Wear Off

The time for Delta 8 to act on the body varies on the kind of Delta 8 product consumed. It takes 15-20 minutes after vaping, 1 to 1.5 hours after swallowing a tincture, and more than 2 hours of ingesting capsules or gummies. 

Since the times for Delta 8 to work varies for different products, it’s important to keep a check on your dosage. For solid products such as gummies and pills, Delta 8 has to get digested first for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream, giving it a longer onset time. 

It’s also been recommended to wait at least 2 hours before consuming another serving of Delta 8 in any form. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Best Way To Consume Delta 8?

If you require an immediate high that lasts for a good few hours, then vaping is the best way to consume Delta 8. 

  • How Long Does Delta 8 Take To Kick In?

It depends on how Delta 8 is consumed. If consumed via vaping, its effects start within 10- 15 minutes, whereas if taken orally, Delta 8 can take anywhere between 30 – 90 minutes.

Takeaway – A Simple Guide To Delta 8 Dosing

Delta 8 provides various benefits as long as it is consumed in the appropriate dosage. To find out your appropriate dosage, you must identify how tolerant you are to this cannabinoid compound. If your tolerance levels are high, you can choose delta 8 products with higher potencies. But it’s recommended to start small and gradually increase the dosage that fits your needs.