Garlic Cookies D8 1g 510 Thread Vape [BDT]

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    Batch 088

    Color: This distillate exhibits a clear, honey-like amber color, with a translucent and glossy appearance that is visually appealing. The light reflects off its surface, giving it a subtle shimmer.

    Aroma: The aroma is mildly sweet, resembling a blend of citrus and floral notes. There’s a faint hint of natural hemp, but it’s not overpowering. The overall scent is fresh and clean, evoking a sense of purity and quality in the product.

    Garlic Cookies Flower Strain: A Bold Fusion of Flavors

    Discover Garlic Cookies – a unique and intriguing flower strain that combines unexpected flavors into a surprisingly harmonious blend. It’s a bold choice for the adventurous at heart.

    Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Aroma: A robust mix of garlic and earthy undertones, complemented by a hint of sweet spices.
    Appearance: Dense buds with a deep green hue, covered in a layer of crystal trichomes.

    Key Features:
    Unique Aroma: The pungent garlic aroma, balanced with earthy notes, offers a distinct sensory experience.
    Potent Effects: Known for its strong, relaxing properties, it’s perfect for unwinding.
    Bold Flavor Profile: Ideal for those who appreciate unconventional flavor combinations.

    Experience the Unconventional:
    Garlic Cookies isn’t just a flower; it’s a statement, perfect for connoisseurs looking for a bold and unique strain.

    This 510 thread ceramic cell vapes will fit most standard vape batteries. Or buy one of ours here!

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