What’s The Difference Between Bubblers And Bongs

What’s The Difference Between Bubblers And Bongs

Have you used a bong or a bubbler before? Are they both the same thing? Dried hemp is smoked in several ways. People use joints, blunts, bongs, or pipes when it comes to smoking hemp. Each method provides a different smoking experience.

Some smokers like to have harsh and hot puffs, whereas others prefer smooth and gentle puffs. Both bongs and bubblers aid smokers who don’t like a harsh smoking experience.

If you’re searching for bongs and bubblers and wondering, which of the two gives better performance? This article compares the features of both water pipes.

What Is A Bubbler?

A bubbler functions like a dry pipe and has a similar appearance. It can be called a hybrid version of a dry pipe and a bong. It usually consists of a downstem and a bowl. Some bubblers even feature a carb hole.

The bubbler contains a water chamber that cools and humidifies the smoke. Bubblers usually come in styles that resemble a dry pipe or a bong.

What Is A Bong?

A bong can be considered a modern version of a bubbler. It consists of complex structures that set it apart from both bubblers and dry pipes. Bongs come with a long mouthpiece, a water chamber, a slide, and a detachable bowl with a downstem.

These handheld water pipes come in numerous designs and can be customized by adding extra accessories.

Differences Between Bongs And Bubblers

  • Strength Of Hits

Bubblers are smaller in size compared to bongs. Thus, their chambers are not able to hold as much smoke as bongs can. This means your puffs will contain less smoke from burning hemp, giving you a less potent hit.

Bongs, due to their larger size, can hold sufficient smoke in their chambers. This gives them the ability to provide stronger hits as they contain more vapors from burning weed.

When it comes to the flavor of puffs, both provide a similar texture because they consist of water chambers that filter the smoke.

  • Length Of Puffs

Bubblers are smaller than bongs. Their parts aren’t large enough to hold lots of smoke in their chambers. So, a person can only take shorter puffs through a bubbler.

The larger size of bongs gives them the advantage of providing longer puffs. This is because their chambers can hold more amount of smoke from burning weed.

  • Portability

The small size of bubblers makes them easy to carry around. These handheld water pipes are lightweight and can fit into a travel bag easily. This makes bubblers handy for people who require traveling a lot.

Whereas bongs are larger and come with detachable accessories. You can travel with bongs but they must be packed in a protective casing. Otherwise, it can break easily during your journey.

  • Duration Of Smoking

Bongs come in larger bowl sizes. This allows people to add more dry hemp to their bowls. More dry hemp means more fuel for producing smoke. Thus, bongs take longer to run out of smoke. This makes these water pipes a perfect fit for sharing with friends.

Bubblers come with smaller bowls. Smaller bowls restrict how much dry weed can be added to them. With a lesser quantity of weed, less smoke is produced. Hence, a bubbler will run out quickly as compared to a bong.

  • Durability

Most bongs available today are either made up of silicone, glass, or plastic. Amongst them, glass bongs are fragile. Although most glass bongs are made of borosilicate glass, a durable material, they can break on impact with a hard surface.

Bubblers are made up of a thicker version of borosilicate glass. These water pipes are less likely to break than a bong if they fall on a hard surface.

  • Size Of Water Pipe

Bubblers have a compact size. You can easily hold a bubbler in your hands while using it. Bongs come in larger sizes and have to be placed on the floor or the table to be used.

  • Stealth

Bubblers don’t make much noise when taking a hit. This makes them perfect for people who want to smoke weed undercover.

Bongs, on the other hand, cause a lot of noise when taking a hit. Thus, they can easily blow your cover.

  • Availability Of Carb Holes

Most bubblers come with carb holes that are located directly next to the bowl. They allow the pipe to be cleared from the smoke to prepare the bubbler for another puff.

Besides carb bongs, most bongs don’t consist of a carb hole. Rather, you have to remove the bong bowl to clear the water pipe from the smoke.

Similarities Of Bongs And Bubblers

What’s The Difference Between Bubblers And Bongs

  • Use Water To Filter Smoke

Both bubblers and bongs contain water chambers. They act as a filtration system for the vapors that come from burning weed. The water chamber filters any ash, dust, and other unwanted particles that can come while inhaling the smoke.

This essential component is what makes hits taste and feel better. You get a cooler, creamier, and smoother puff compared to a coarse and harsh one from a dry pipe.

  • Require Changing Of Water

The water in the chambers of bubblers and bongs becomes dirty quickly with use. Thus, you must dump and replace the water after every smoking session. Otherwise, the chamber water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Bubblers Bring Hydration?

Bubblers consist of a water chamber. This water chamber hydrates the smoke that comes from burning hemp. As a result, you get smooth, cool, and hydrated hits.

  • Do You Need A Screen In A Bong?

A screen prevents debris from entering a smoker’s mouth. So, you won’t have to worry about inhaling ash while smoking weed through a bong. 

  • What Is The Best Thickness For A Glass Bong?

The thickness of your bong’s glass material should be between 3 and 9 millimeters.  A glass bong with a thickness of less than 3 mm is more fragile and won’t last long.

  • What Is The Size Of A Bubbler?

The size of a bubbler can range between 4 to 10 inches or even longer.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Bubblers?

There are various types of bubblers depending on their design. These include:

  • Sherlock bubblers
  • Hammer bubblers
  • Double bubblers
  • Sidecar bubblers

Takeaway – What’s The Difference Between Bubblers And Bongs?

Bubblers and bongs are water pipes designed to give smoother and cooler hits. Although their function is similar, they have a couple of differences. Bongs provide longer and stronger hits, whereas bubblers provide shorter and weaker hits.

Bubblers are compact and more durable than bongs, making them suitable for travelers. On the other hand, bongs are better for use at home due to their larger size and fragility.