Can I Mail CBD Products?

There are so many types of cannabinoids that have become very popular in the cannabis industry today. You can find various types of products that contain different cannabinoids in almost every store. There are many people who also like to order cannabinoid products online. However, it can be quite difficult to find online stores that provide shipping services for customers. It’s even more difficult for certain stores and brands to provide those services to customers. 

If you’re someone who sells CBD products and wants to provide shipping, then with the help of our blog, you can find out how to provide those shipping services, and also find out what factors to keep in mind when shipping or mailing CBD products. 

What is CBD & How Does It Work?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is commonly found in the stems, flowers, and stems of hemp plants. It is one of the most popular and commonly used cannabinoids out of the 100+ cannabinoids present in hemp plants. CBD was first discovered by an organic chemist named Roger Adams in 1940. 

It doesn’t contain any THC, which is why the effects it produces aren’t psychoactive or intoxicating. Instead, this cannabinoid can create pain-relieving effects because it carries anti-inflammatory properties. Another reason that the effects of CBD aren’t psychoactive, is because of the way it interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and has a very low binding affinity to them. However, it can trigger the CB1 receptors if it is in the presence of THC. 

What Are CBD Products?

You can find the CBD cannabinoid present in various types of cannabinoids such as gummies, vape carts, tinctures, distillates, candies, brownies, topicals, etc. These products can be found in both online stores and retail stores. Each of these products takes a different amount of time for the effects of CBD to kick in. 

  • Gummies

When you consume CBD gummies, you can expect the effects to kick in after about 30 minutes, and they last for at least 4-6 hours depending on how many you consume. The effects of gummies take a longer amount of time to kick in than other products because they need to be digested first. Once the CBD gummy is digested, the cannabinoid can enter your bloodstream and travel into your brain where its effects are activated. 

  • Vaping

The effects of CBD kick in much faster after vaping than when you consume CBD gummies. It only takes about 5-10 minutes for you to feel its effects and the effects last for 2-4 hours. The reason why the effects kick in much quicker is that when you inhale the vapors, the cannabinoid enters your bloodstream immediately, allowing you to enjoy its effects. 

  • Tinctures

It takes only 15-18 minutes for the effects of CBD tinctures to kick in, which is also much faster than the effects of CBD gummies. This is because of sublingual absorption, which is a process that involves placing a few drops of CBD tincture under your tongue and holding them there, allowing it to absorb them. This allows the CBD cannabinoid to enter your bloodstream more easily and activate its effects without having to go through the process of digestion first. 

Factors Should You Consider When Mailing Or Shipping Your CBD Products

Can I Mail CBD Products

 There are many factors that you need to keep in mind and be careful about when shipping or mailing your CBD products. They include:

  • Licenses

If you have a CBD supplier or grow it yourself, then it’s important that you or the supplier is authorized or licensed under the USDA hemp program. This license proves that a supplier or grower is growing industrial hemp. If you or your supplier don’t own a license or aren’t authorized under the USDA hemp program, then it’s best that you apply for a license, or find another CBD supplier who does own a license. This is because, not owning a license, means having to pay a hefty fine or possibly go to jail. 

  • Tested By Third-Party

It’s important to have your products tested by a third party. These test results mention what type of ingredients were used in the manufacturing process of CBD products. It also mentions if there are any chemicals or contaminants present in the products that could be harmful to customers’ health. If you provide CBD products that aren’t tested by a third party, then you’re risking yourself getting sued by a customer. 

  • CBD And THC Amount

One of the most important factors you should keep in mind when mailing or shipping CBD products is to include the percentage of how much CBD is present in the products and if there is any THC present in the products. It’s also important that you make sure that if there is THC present in the products it doesn’t go above 0.3%, otherwise your CBD products will be considered illegal. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Can CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test?

No, CBD can’t make you fail a drug test because it doesn’t contain any THC. You can only test positive if THC is detected in your body or system. 

  • How Can You Apply For A USDA Hemp Program License?

One way to apply for this license is to create an account on the Hemp eManagement Platform and use this platform to submit your USDA Hemp program application. This method can allow you or your supplier to obtain a license. 

  • Can CBD Stay In Your System For More Than 3 Days?

If you consume CBD very frequently, then it can stay in your system for more than 3 days. However, if you only consume once a week, then it can stay in your system for 3 days or even less.

  • Can You Store CBD Tinctures In A Drawer?

It’s been encouraged that you store CBD tinctures in cool and dark places such as cabinets, drawers, and closets. 

  • What Is The Shelf Life Of CBD Vape Carts?

The shelf life of CBD vape carts can last for 4-6 months depending on how well you store them. 

Final Words – Can I Mail CBD Products?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp-derived cannabinoids and their products are considered legal, including hemp-derived CBD as well. However, that isn’t the only thing that matters, especially when you’re mailing or shipping CBD products. As long as you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind and follow them, then you can mail or ship CBD products successfully.