Can You Fly With Delta 8?

Do you want to go on a vacation and take your Delta 8 products along but aren’t certain if they’re allowed on Airplanes? Not to fret! You can find out everything there is to know about the legality of Delta 8 on airplanes, which countries Delta 8 isn’t legal in yet, and more.

Process of TSA Screening

The TSA (Transport Security Administration) is in charge of searching and checking people’s bags for any products that could prove to be dangerous to not only the planes but also their passengers. They don’t necessarily search for products like marijuana, however, if they do find any then they’ll report that person and send them to the nearest police station. 

Most Delta 8 and other cannabinoid products had been banned by the TSA, but when these products became legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, TSA removed the ban. However, they only allow products that contain 0.3% Delta 9 in them. Make sure that your Delta 8 product’s packaging doesn’t look similar to a Delta 9 product.  

Some TSA officers can confiscate your product by mistaking it for something else because of its packaging. This can cause you to miss your flight because you’ll have to wait for many hours until they’re done testing the product to make sure it’s safe. 

States Where Delta 8 Still Isn’t Legal Yet

Can You Fly With Delta 8

Before you even think about booking a flight, it’s important to do research and find out which states in the US allow Delta 8 to be used and in which states Delta 8 is illegal. This is because, even if Delta 8 is legal in the state that you live in, the state that you’re travelling to might have different laws and restrictions. 

By doing this, you’re not only saving yourself from wasting money, but also from getting reported or arrested for carrying illegal drugs. Here is a list of states that Delta 8 isn’t legal in yet:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona 
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado 
  • Delaware
  • Idaho 
  • Lowa 
  • Mississippi 
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Delta 8 Products That Can Be Brought On Flight?

Even though the ban has been lifted for Delta 8 in airports, the TSA isn’t going to just let you take any Delta 8 product that you want that easily. This is why you need to be discreet and not try to make it obvious that you’re carrying a Delta 8 product in your luggage. Here are different Delta 8 products and ways you can get them past airport security:

  • Gummies and other Delta 8 Edibles

Delta 8 edibles or gummies are the easiest to sneak past airport security, as their packaging looks similar to ordinary snacks’ packaging. Double-check that your gummies don’t give off a strong smell, the TSA officers will let you pass through easily. 

  • Vapes

TSA officers tend to easily catch passengers carrying vapes in their luggage, this makes it all the more tricky to hide this Delta 8 product. That is why you should make sure that you keep these bad boys inside your carry-ons or personal bags.

  • Delta 8 oils and tinctures 

Delta 8 tinctures and oils are much easier to hide in your luggage. Just be sure to not go above the required liquid limit otherwise you could get flagged. For your ease, you should pack your Delta 8 oil and tinctures in air tight zip lock bags to prevent any leakage that could get you caught. 

Keeping these ways in mind, it’s also recommended that you carry lab test reports and other certificates that state that your Delta 8 products don’t contain any harmful or illegal chemicals. In case you get caught you can also show TSA the page of the company you purchased from as most of them contain lab reports of their products. 

Can You Consume Delta 8 In Airports?

Although smoking or vaping Delta 8 or other cannabinoids is not allowed, you can still get away with consuming edible Delta 8 products. As long as you nibble on your Delta 8 gummies discreetly, you can forget about the security guards being suspicious of you. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Take Delta 8 On A Plane?

You can travel with Delta 8 on a plane if it is legal in both the places you’re travelling to and from. Some airways have also completely banned all types of cannabinoid products, so make sure that the airway you’re travelling on allows Delta 8 products. 

  • Does TSA Look For Drugs?

TSA officers don’t normally search for drugs like marijuana and other illegal cannabinoid products, but when they do find someone carrying them, then they’ll be taken for interrogation and may even get reported to the police station. 

  • Can You Fly To Mexico With Delta 8?

The laws in Mexico aren’t as strict about cannabinoid products as in other countries. So yes, you can travel to Mexico with Delta 8, but make sure it is legal in the country you’re travelling from as well. 

  • Can You Fly With A Delta 8 Cart?

While it is allowed for you to travel with a Delta 8 Cart, it’s important to remember that containers which are filled to the brim can break under cabin pressure in airplanes. So, keep your Delta 8 vaping liquid inside a used container that has some space at the top. 

  • Can You Put Delta 8 In Your Checked Bag?

Carrying Edible Delta 8 products can easily be hidden inside your checked luggage, but if you have a vape then it’s best to keep it in your personal bag or a carry-on bag. 

The Legal Status of Delta 8 and Flying – Conclusion

The legality of flying with delta-8 is still up in the air, but it’s best to check with the airline restrictions before boarding to avoid issues. The simple answer is yes, you can fly with delta 8 provided you’re traveling to or from states in the US where it’s legal.