Does The Shape Of A Bong Matter?

Does The Shape Of A Bong Matter?

Bongs first became very popular in the early 70s, when the hippy glass-blowing movement started. Since then, bongs have evolved, with new shapes, materials and different styles that you can try out. If you’re unable to figure out which shape or type of bong is suitable for you, then you’re at the right place. This blog will help you choose which bong is best for you, how each bong works, and whether the shape of a bond matters?

Does The Shape Of The Bong Affect How It Works?

Every bong that has a unique shape and material that affect how the bong works in different ways. These different shapes can either create a bigger path for the smoke to pass through, or a smaller one. These paths also allow the smoke more or less time to cool down during its travel before it reaches your mouth.
Different types of bongs can also have different types of filtrations. Some bongs have better filtration than other bongs because they have multiple water filtration processes. There are also some bongs that have advanced filtration systems.
Another factor, is how much smoke a bong can produce depending on the style and material of the bong. For example, some bongs require two people to light it because of how big they are, which means that the bong might produce too much smoke and you would need another person to help you finish it.

What Are The Different Shapes Of A Bong?

Here are some different shapes of bongs that you can choose from based on your preferences:

  • Straight Tube

The most simple and basic bong is a Straight Tube. It is the most suitable for beginners as it helps keep the process of smoking simple and easy. The downstem part of the bong is placed in water which help filtrate the smoke before it is inhaled.
Straight Tubes are also super easy to clean, and allow you to take large hits because they clear faster than other bongs. These bugs are the most popular shape on the market.

  • Zig Zag Bongs (Zong)

Zig Zag bongs also known as Zongs, are bong that have curves inside them. Some have 1-2 curves while others have 3-5 curves. The purpose of these curves, is to work as splash guards that help prevent water from splashing and going up in to your mouth. Their appearance also makes them pleasing to look at. The only downside to these bad boys is that they’re a bit tricky to clean because of their curves.

  • Beaker Bongs

The shape of these bongs are inspired by the shape of the measuring beakers used in scientific laboratories. Beaker bongs are also considered the most stable bongs. This is because their sturdy frame and base allows them to stay upright when being used and reduces the chances of them being knocked over. Beaker bongs can also generate more smoke because of their wide bottoms.

Unlike bongs of other shapes, straight tube bongs keep things simple. They filter smoke using a downstem, which should be submerged in water.

How To Decide Which Bong Is Suitable For You?

When it comes to looking for the right bong for yourself, whether they’re made from plastic, metal, glass or cement. There are some factors that you can follow which will surely help you out. They are:

  • Sturdiness

The most important factor that you need to focus on first, is the sturdiness of a bong. Bongs that are sturdy have lesser chances of breaking because they won’t fall over when you’re trying to smoke them by keeping them upright. An example of a sturdy bong is a beaker bong, they have a sturdy base that allows them to stay upright and have lesser chances of being knocked over. Unlike bongs that have round bases, which aren’t sturdy at all, making them unstable and more likely to break.
So if you want to get a bong that can stay upright and not break by getting knocked over, then bongs with a sturdy base are the right option for you.

  • Size 

You might not consider it but sizes matter a lot as well. This is because the size of a bong can affect the way it produces smoke, how long it takes to produce the smoke, as well as how strong the smoke is per hit. If you’re someone who is daring and enjoys taking big hits, then large or big sized bongs are perfect for you.
Not only do they allow you to take big hits but you can also add ash catchers and ice catchers in to the mix to really enjoy. Small bongs are suitable for people who really want to taste the flavor of the smoke. This is because the path that the smoke is traveling through when produced is short, which stops the flavor of the smoke from being diluted.

  • Smooth Hits 

Another important factor to focus on is what type of hits does a bong produce. There are bongs that allow you to enjoy nice and smooth hits without any rough pauses in the middle of inhaling. The type of bongs that fall under this are called Blaze Glass Tower Straight Ice Bongs. They break down the smoke in to smaller particles that are easy to inhale and don’t cause any discomfort in your throat in your lungs.
However, you can also go for a bong that produces cool hits and purrs every time you take a hit. The type of bongs that come under this category are called Percolators.

  • Appearance 

The final factor which is just as important as the rest of the factors is appearance. Sometimes intricately designed bongs or bongs with very complex shapes have their disadvantages. They can be quite a hassle to clean and sometimes people choose not to clean them which can affect the flavor of the smoke, the next time you’re smoking from the bong.
So try to look for bongs that don’t look too complicated and not too simple either, for your own ease and the sake of not having to spend a lot of time on trying to clean it.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Is The Best Bong Shape?

There are mixed answers about this particular questions. While some people say that beaker bongs are the best because of their stable and sturdy figure, other people say that straight tube bongs are better because they’re simple and easy to use.

  • What Type Of Bong Has The Smoothest Hits?

Percolator bongs with ash catchers produce the smoothest hits because the ash catchers can help filtrate and purify the smoke of any contaminants and help cool the smoke down. Thus enhancing the smoking experience. 

  • Are Double Chamber Bongs Better?

Many people are starting to prefer double chamber bongs over single chamber ones. This is because double chamber bongs are able to filterate the smoke twice and deliver hits that are smooth and gentle on the lungs and throat when inhaled. 

  • How Much Does An Average Bong Cost?

An average bong can cost anywhere from $80-$600 depending on where you purchase from. 

  • Can You Pour Boiling Water In Bongs While Cleaning It?

No, it’s advised to not pour boiling water immediately inside your bong while cleaning it, as the thermal heat can cause the bong to break. You should start with slightly warm water and then work your way up to hot water.

Wrapping It Up – Does The Shape Or Size Of A Bong Affect How It Works?

All bongs work differently depending on the materials that they’re made from, and the shapes and sizes that they come in. Every one of them have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preferences.