The HHC cannabinoid has slowly but surely made its way to the top along with the other most popular cannabinoids such as Delta 9, Delta 8, and CBD. Since people loved this cannabinoid so much, two more versions of this cannabinoid have been introduced in the market, which is HHC-O and HHC-P. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss about both HHC-O and HHC-P. With the help of our blog, you can find out what these two cannabinoids are, how they work, what their effects feel like, and what makes them different from each other. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

What Is HHC-O?

HHC-O, also known as HHC-O acetate is a cannabinoid that was created in a lab because it can’t naturally occur in plants like HHC or other cannabinoids. Hence why, HHC-O is also referred to as a synthetic cannabinoid. HHC-O is also called the acetate version of HHC. The HHC-O cannabinoid produces strong psychoactive and intoxicating effects, which are much stronger than the HHC cannabinoid, and are almost similar to Delta 9’s effects. 

You can find HHC-O sold in the form of various products in retail stores and online stores, these products include; HHC-O gummies, HHC-O vape carts, and HHC-O pre-rolls. 

What Is HHC-P?

This cannabinoid is known as HHC-P or Hexahydrocannabiphorol. This cannabinoid is even more potent and psychoactive than the HHC-O cannabinoid. The HHC-P cannabinoid is also referred to as the phytocannabinoid of HHC. Since HHC-P is such as strong cannabinoid, it usually is mixed with other cannabinoids in products in very small quantities. The most common products that you can find HHC-P present in, include; gummies, distillates, and vape carts. 

What Is The Difference Between HHC-O & HHC-P?


Due to the fact that their names sound similar, some people assume that both HHC-O and HHC-P are similar to each other, and others think that these two cannabinoids are exactly the same. Here are their key differences that can help you figure out how different they are from each other. 

  • Extraction Method

You will notice that the extraction method of HHC-O is quite similar to the extraction method of THC-O. The extraction method involves the process of adding acetic anhydride, a highly flammable chemical compound, to the HHC cannabinoid, which can help convert it to an HHC-O cannabinoid. 

The extraction method of HHC-P on the other hand is a bit more different. There are two types of extraction methods used for HHC-P, which are extraction and isomerization. The first process involves extracting the CBD cannabinoid from hemp and purifying it with the help of steam distillation. This is a process in which the CBD cannabinoid is exposed to different kinds of temperatures and pressure amounts to get rid of all unwanted cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Once that’s done, you need to convert CBD into HHC, with the help of a process called isomerization. This process involves converting a cannabinoid into another by rearranging its molecules. 

  • Potency 

The HHC-O cannabinoid is considered to have a higher potency than the HHC cannabinoid itself. It can produce very strong psychoactive and intoxicating effects. The reason why the HHC-O cannabinoid has a higher potency than HHC is because of the way the HHC-O cannabinoid interacts and binds with the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system located in the brain and the central nervous system. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the HHC-P cannabinoid is considered to have an even higher potency than both HHC and HHC-O. It’s said to produce the strongest psychoactive and intoxicating effects which are because it can interact and bind with the CB1 receptors more strongly than the HHC-O cannabinoid. 

  • Effects

You should keep in mind that the amount of time, the effects of HHC-O take to kick in and last, depends on the type of HHC-O product you’re using. For example, if you’re consuming HHC-O edibles, it will take about an hour or two for the effects to kick in, and the effects last for 6 hours. Edibles also tend to take a longer amount of time for effects to kick in because they need to be digested first. 

Once they’re digested the HHC-O cannabinoid can enter your bloodstream and travel into your brain where it will activate its effects. However, when it comes to vaping HHC-O, the effects kick in after only 30-40 minutes, and they last for at least 4 hours depending on how much HHC-O you vape. 

Meanwhile, the effects of HHC-P kick in after a few hours depending on the type of HHC-P product you consume. However, you should be careful when consuming this cannabinoid, since it takes some time for the effects to kick in, its important that you wait for the effects to kick in and see how they make you feel, if the effects aren’t strong enough then you can consume more, but if they’re very strong then its best to avoid consuming more, as it can cause you to feel overwhelmed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can HHC-O Fail A Drug Test?

There are chances that HHC-O can make you fail a drug test, but because there is limited information, it’s not confirmed. 

  • How Long Does HHC-P Stay In Your System?

HHC-P can stay in your system for up to 90 days depending on how often you consume this cannabinoid. 

  • What Is The Best Way To Consume HHC-P?

The best way to consume HHC-P is through vaping, because its effects kick in quickly, allowing you to enjoy a quick high with strong psychoactive effects.

  • Can HHC-O Stay In Your System For More Than 3 Days?

If you’re someone who consumes HHC-O very frequently then it can stay in your system for up to a whole month. However, if you’re someone who consumes HHC-O not as frequently then it can’t stay in your system for more than a few days. 

  • Can HHC-O Gummies Get Expired If Left Outside?

HHC-O gummies can get expired if left outside because they get exposed to not only heat and light, but also germs and bacteria. 

The Final Verdict – HHC-O Vs HHC-P – Which One Is Suitable For You?

Both HHC-O and HHC-P are versions of the HHC cannabinoids and although they’re considered safe, it’s important that you still handle both of them with care. This is because they’re both much more potent than the HHC cannabinoid. 

What you choose out of both of these cannabinoids depends on your tolerance levels and preferences. If you’re someone who has medium tolerance levels then HHC-O is suitable for you, but if you’re someone who has very high tolerance levels then HHC-P is the one for you.