How Do You Help Edibles Kick In Faster?

Edibles are another popular cannabinoid product type. Their onset time is much longer as compared to other types of cannabinoid products.

Many use cannabinoid edibles for their beneficial properties but don’t like that they have to wait for a few hours to feel the effects. This becomes an issue, especially for those who require immediate relief. Is there any way of shortening this time gap? Can you get edibles to kick in faster? 

This article discusses a couple of tips that may help in reducing the onset gap of edibles.

Time Taken For Edibles To Kick In

The effects of cannabinoids through edibles take longer to act than smoking hemp. You may begin to feel the effects of the cannabinoid 30 to 90 minutes after eating. Before entering your bloodstream, the cannabinoids will pass through the digestive tract and the liver.

Steps To Make Edibles Kick In Faster

There are a couple of ways in which you can shorten the onset time of edibles. These include:

  • Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism influences how fast your edibles will be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. The faster your metabolism is, the quicker you will feel the cannabinoid’s effects. Increasing your metabolism doesn’t happen in one night. It’s a slow process and requires consistency.

You have to tune into a healthy lifestyle to increase your metabolism. This involves doing physical exercise, drinking plenty of water, and getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Exercise is known to impact blood flow in the body. This affects how blood flows to the liver and muscles, and in turn, alters how quickly medicine or food gets metabolized in the body.

Hence, exercise can affect the onset time of edibles, but how does it affect the onset time that hasn’t been researched? 

  • Controlling What You Eat

Eating a meal before consuming an edible is totally under your control. What you eat before taking your edible impacts the time taken for your edibles to kick in. The meal that you eat before ingesting an edible controls how your body will interact with them. 

  • Using Sublingual Forms Of Cannabinoids

How Do You Help Edibles Kick In Faster

Sublingual products are those that get dissolved under the tongue. These include tinctures, sprays, and strips. They don’t undergo the digestion process that edibles do, nor do they get metabolized in the liver. 

Rather, sublingual items are directly absorbed through mucous membranes that are present on the inner walls of the cheek, under the tongue, and on the gums. These mouth parts have a dense network of blood vessels. 

Hence, cannabinoids quickly enter the bloodstream, giving rapid effects. The onset time of cannabinoids through sublingual products is around 15-20 minutes. Their effects on the body can last on the body for at least 2 to 3 hours.

  • Drinking Cannabinoid Beverages

Besides cannabinoids in gummies and brownies, they are now infused in beverages too. These drinks provide lower doses of cannabinoids as compared to edibles, and they kick in faster too. Cannabinoid drinks take between 5 and 30 minutes to act on the body.

Cannabinoid beverages are absorbed into the bloodstream in 2 ways. One is sublingual absorption, where the cannabinoid is absorbed into the blood via the tongue and cheeks. The other is that the liquid goes through the digestive tract and then gets absorbed into the blood.

Cannabinoid drinks come in a wide variety. These include beers, tonics, wine, cocktails, and sodas. Some tea and coffee companies provide cannabinoid-infused tea and coffees too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Eat Edibles After Eating Food?

You can eat edibles after eating food or on an empty stomach. However, the effects induced by edibles differ in both situations. Eating edibles on an empty stomach causes short-lived but intense effects whereas eating edibles after food has a longer onset time with the effects lasting longer.

  • How To Find The Right Dose Of Delta 8 Edibles?

If you’re a frequent user of cannabinoid products, then you must first find out what dosage of Delta 8 gives you the desired effects. Then, read the package label and find the dosage of Delta 8 per serving. 

Identify whether the serving guide is for the whole product or only for a portion of it. With information from the serving guide, calculate the number of edibles that will give you your required dose of Delta 8.

However, if you’re new to edibles, it’s best to start with a low dosage of Delta 8 edibles. Wait for at least 2 hours for the effects to start. Once you adjust to the low dose of edibles, then increase your dosage gradually.

  • How Long Can An Edible High Last?

Consuming edibles that contain THC or Delta 8 will take at least 1 to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. The psychoactive effects induced by edibles can last for more than 6 hours.

Takeaway – How Do You Help Edibles Kick In Faster?

Edibles take longer to kick in as compared to other forms of cannabinoid products. However, there are a couple of ways of shortening their onset time. These include improving your body’s metabolism, trying out sublingual products, and using cannabinoid-infused beverages.