How Long Should You Make Your Delta 8 Tolerance Break?

When you begin to consume any compound of cannabinoid, your tolerance to that substance begins to increase gradually. This means that if you consume Delta 8 regularly at a specific dose, with time, you would find a difference in its soothing effect, i.e, it has decreased.

In order to obtain that full euphoric feeling given by Delta 8, you would have to increase its dosage. This is how your body becomes tolerant to Delta 8. 

With increasing tolerance, the strength of Delta 8’s effects along with their duration, decreases. Increasing tolerance becomes expensive as you would have to spend on higher dosages of cannabinoids. 

Luckily, this article shares an in-depth guide on how you can lower your tolerance levels and prevent your body from becoming highly tolerant to Delta 8.

What Is A Tolerance Break?

When you stop consuming a cannabinoid completely for a number of days, you start experiencing a tolerance break. A tolerance break helps to reset your cannabinoid receptors to their normal functioning.

Symptoms Of High Tolerance To Delta 8

It’s up to one’s free will to decide when to take a tolerance break from Delta 8. However, you should examine yourself for the following signs that show high tolerance.

  • Decrease In Intensity 

Feeling minimum to no effects of Delta 8 despite consuming high dosages means that your body has developed a high tolerance to it. So a tolerance break will be able to bring that high tolerance down. 

  • The Effects Are Short-Lived

Normally, Delta 8-induced high lasts for around 3-8 hours. However, for high dosage consumers, the effects wear off sooner. Thus, you need to allow your body to take a break from Delta 8.

  • Require High Doses Of Delta 8

If frequent intake of Delta 8 does not help you to achieve that euphoric bliss, then your body needs that tolerance break.

How To Succeed In A Tolerance Break?

How Long Should You Make Your Delta 8 Tolerance Break

Breaking that habit of consuming Delta 8 daily is easier said than done. Staying away from Delta 8 can be challenging and it requires consistency. However, this phase of struggle is what helps your body to reset, proving to be very rewarding.

How can you make this testing journey easier to endure? Follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Believe That You Control The Tolerance Break

Cutting off your relaxation routine may seem taxing, but you must keep in mind that this tolerance break is under your control. When you’ve made up your mind about taking a tolerance break, this means your body has become highly tolerant to Delta 8. 

Taking higher doses of Delta 8 would not help in obtaining the desired effects as you will be able to achieve with lower tolerance. 

  • Test Your Self-Resistance

Tolerance breaks help you to test your resolve against Delta 8. The first day of tolerance breaks is commonly known to be the most taxing. When you have passed the first week, it becomes easier to stay away from Delta 8 for the second week and even for a month. 

Delta 8 tolerance breaks are easier to handle as compared to Delta 9 because of their difference in potencies.

  • Formulate A Plan

Make a schedule of the things you want to get done during your tolerance break. Seek assistance from your friends if required. 

Having nothing to do during your tolerance break is a bad idea as you can easily be overwhelmed and begin Delta 8 consumption again. 

You can fill your tolerance break with activities such as workouts, hanging out with family and friends, nurturing your hobby, etc. 

  • Do Workouts

Carrying out physical activities assists your body in releasing endorphins, that help to improve your mood. You can play a sport or exercise as they help to improve how you feel. 

Working out has proved to be effective for people who are unable to sleep during the night due to wit of Delta 8.

How Long Should You Take A Break From Delta 8?

The duration of your tolerance break depends on the tolerance level of your body to Delta 8. The higher the tolerance level, the longer it takes for your body’s cannabinoid receptors to function normally. 

Below are suggested durations of tolerance breaks for different Delta 8 tolerance levels.

  • Low Tolerance  – (1 Week Break)
  • Medium Tolerance – (2 Weeks Break)
  • High Tolerance – (3 Weeks Break)

Preventative Measures Against Tolerance Boost

If you’re someone who takes Delta 8 on a daily basis, then a tolerance boost is unavoidable. This is why it’s important to monitor the amount that you take. By doing this, you will know how much Delta 8 you need to cut down from your daily dosage. 

You can also take a break for a few days to give your body some time to recover, which will most likely result in your tolerance levels dropping, even if it’s only a little bit. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can You Use CBD While Taking A Delta 8 Tolerance Break?

Yes, you can take CBD as an alternative to Delta 8 during your tolerance break. Unlike Delta 8, CBD doesn’t affect the normal working of CB1 receptors. It’s also proven to help counteract withdrawal symptoms of Delta 8.

  • How To Avoid Sleepless Nights In A Delta 8 Tolerance Break?

To avoid sleepless nights, you can take melatonin supplements. These help boost levels of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone in the body that aids in getting sleep. 

Other ways of avoiding sleeplessness include meditation, drinking chamomile tea, and exercising regularly.

  • How To Overcome Cravings Of Delta 8 During Tolerance Break?

The best way to overcome Delta 8 cravings during your tolerance break is by keeping yourself occupied. The more activities you have on hand, the lesser you will focus on Delta 8 cravings. 

Conclusion – Importance Of Taking Tolerance Breaks

Compared to Delta 9, the effects of Delta 8 are less potent, but its still very much a drug that can get addicting if not taken with caution. Once you start taking higher dosages of this cannabinoid, your tolerance levels increase as well. Tolerance breaks can help bring your tolerance down, especially when the intensity of the effects starts to drop.