The Future Of DA Is Uncertain…

On January 1, 2022 the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) takes over regulation of hemp products, including Delta 8, from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. They have classified Delta 8 as a synthesized cannabinoid and will likely prohibit us from making it January 1st and shipping it after April 1st. The rules are still in draft form but the bill, HB 3000, has already passed so whatever the rules committee comes up with is binding. The current draft is available for comment and, if approved as is, will likely be the end of our business as we know it now. We are looking into moving our operations and also changing what products we make in Oregon for outside the dispensary system. Likely we will soon offer <0.3% D9 edibles and tinctures ranging 50-200mg hemp derived D9 and/or D8. The rules are not yet final so there is some small hope these things will not come to pass. However, we are all bracing for it.
Also, regarding Rogue River Labs, the site will go offline next Friday 11/12/2021, to switch to Verified Businesses only with application, and will return Monday 11/15/2021 when it will resume shipping carts and all others products as well. If you usually buy from there and you are not a verifiable business, get what you want now!
Thanks and hope to see you again on the other side of this.
The DA Team



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