What Is A Recycler Bong?

Do you prefer strong and coarse flavors or mild and smooth textures while smoking hemp? If you’re a fan of smooth hits, then you should use a bong. Bongs are water pipes that consist of accessories for cooling and filtering smoke. Smoking through a bong will give you creamy and cool hits that won’t irritate your throat.

Bongs, just like other smoking devices, continue to evolve so that they give better experiences. In head shops, you’ll find several bong styles ranging from the ordinary straight tube design to bongs with multiple percolators. Another new bong design introduced into the market is a recycler bong.

How is a recycler bong different from other bongs? What are its perks? Here is an in-depth explanation of recycler bongs.

Is A Recycling Bong A Recycled Bong?

You may consider that the term recycler means that the bong is made from recycled materials. The recycling term refers to the bong’s ability to recycle water. So, it isn’t a recycled bong. 

The water recycling ability provides more time for the smoke to properly diffuse in the water. The result is that you get smoother, cooler, and more pleasant hits as compared to normal bongs. 

Recycler bongs come with multi-chambered percolators, a rare feature sighted in bongs. They also come with a splashguard, a safety feature that prevents bong water from rising into the mouthpiece. 

How Does A Recycler Bong Work Differently From Other Bongs?

The bong consists of 2 water chambers connected by tubes. These 2 chambers are involved in filtration. The chamber at the base holds bong water that filters the smoke from ash and other debris. 

This bong operates differently from other bongs by allowing the bong water to rise from the base chamber to the 2nd chamber near the mouthpiece. The smoke generated in the base also rises with the bong water. 

This allows the air and smoke mixture to percolate through the water for longer, providing smoother and ash-free hits.

Types Of Recycler Bongs

There are three types of recycler bongs depending on their style. 

  • Internal Recycler Bongs

Internal recycler bongs are also called incyclers. Their 2 chambers are located within the main tube, giving a look of a glass bottle containing a glass bottle. Thus, the glass chambers have an extra layer of protection. 

These bongs have a compact size and are sturdier than external recycler bongs, so they can be easily carried around. However, they have a higher cost.

  • External Recycler Bongs

External recycler bongs don’t consist of a complex design. It has an external chamber that is placed above the bong’s water chamber. An interlinking arm connects this pair of chambers. 

These recycler bongs come at an affordable price range but their filtration efficiency is lesser compared to their counterparts.

  • Klein Recycler Bongs

The Klein recycler bong can be called a child of external and internal recycler bongs. It inherits the properties of both. The bong has one tube located outside the water chamber for intake, and another tube that is located inside the water chamber for filtration.

This bong beats both external and internal recycler bongs in providing clean hits. However, Klein recyclers are the most expensive out of all the recycler bongs.

How To Use A Recycler Bong?

What Is A Recycler Bong?

Step 1: Pack your bowl and fill the recycler bong’s bottom chamber with water.  

Step 2: Then ignite your dried hemp. The smoke will diffuse into the bong water contained in the bottom chamber, where it is filtered. 

Step 3: Some of the bong water in the bottom chamber and the smoke rise through a tube and get sucked into the second chamber. The smoke again filters through the water in the second chamber.

Step 4: When you inhale, smoke filters through the percolators and you get a cool and smooth hit. The process repeats as smoke continues to be filtered through the chambers and percolators while you take a refreshing puff.

 Advantages Of Recycler Bongs

  • Smoother Puffs

The multi-chamber feature of recycler bongs enables them to remove various impurities that arise from burning weed. When you take a hit, the vapors won’t be coarse and stale. Their enhanced features compared to standard bongs makes them provide creamier and more flavorful puffs, giving a pleasant feel to the tongue and throat.

  • Improved Filtration

One component that differentiates recycler bongs from others is that it consists of 2 chambers for filtration of smoke. First, smoke from burning hemp passes through the reservoir chamber where it diffuses into the bong water and is filtered.

Next, the vapors of burning hemp rise to the second chamber and pass through the percolator. The percolator extracts all remaining impurities that come with the vapors. This leaves no room for harmful substances to enter your airways. You can take a refreshing puff without worrying that your throat will become irritated.

  • Features Percolators

Recycler bongs contain a percolator in one of their chambers that enhance the cooling and filtration process. So, you get to enjoy cooler, moist, and refreshing puffs that won’t feel stale.

  • Economical Pricing

Recycler bongs come in an affordable price range. There are 3 types of recyclers that come in varying price ranges. External recycler bongs are the cheapest of the options. Klein recycler bongs come at a higher price but offer high resilience against damage.

  • Can Be Cleaned Easily

The simple design of recycler bongs makes them easier to clean. You can use a cleaning solution, a bong spray, or alcohol to clean its parts.

Disadvantages Of Recycler Bongs

  • Not Portable

Recycler bongs come in large sizes and have curved parts, making them difficult to fit in travel bags. Their heavy weight makes them difficult to carry around, making them less portable. They’re a suitable option for use at home but not for traveling.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Water Should You Pour In A Recycler Bong?

To gain the best smoking experience from your recycler bong, you must fill your recycler with water up to the correct level. Pour water into the bong until it has filled three-quarters of the lower chamber. This water level is sufficient for recycler bongs of all sizes.

  • Can You Use A Recycler Bong For Smoking Concentrates?

Many recycler bongs feature a detachable bowl that can be replaced with a dabbing nail for smoking concentrates. Hence, you’ll be able to enjoy intense, flavorful, smooth, and clean hits by smoking through a recycler bong.

  • How Much Does A Recycler Bong Cost?

A recycler bong can cost between $40 to $300, depending on the bong’s size and features.

  • Are Recycler Bongs The Smoothest?

Recycler bongs are known to provide the smoothest hits because of their multi-chamber feature and percolators. Smoke filters and diffuses through the bong water twice, giving it a clean, cool, and pleasant texture. 

  • How Do You Clean A Recycler Bong?

To clean a recycler bong, you must have a cleaning solution. Before cleaning, make sure to throw away the bong water. Remove the downstem and bowl if they’re detachable. Then proceed with the following.

  • First, fill a quarter of the bong’s base with your cleaning solution.
  • Next, cover all the holes in your bong and shake it if possible. If your bong contains more dirt spots, you can add more cleaning solutions.
  • Finally, rinse your bong thoroughly with hot water. Shake it gently if you can

Takeaway – What Is A Recycler Bong?

Recycler bongs are worth it for smokers who don’t like coarse and intense flavors of weed smoke. They function a bit differently from other bongs because they contain a pair of water chambers. The smoke diffuses and filters through the water twice, bringing smooth, creamy, and pleasant hits to hemp smokers.